Vintage Revival Zandvoort.

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The Dutch Vintage Sports Car Club in cooperation with the Circuit Park Zandvoort is organizing “Vintage Revival Zandvoort” on 27 and 28 September 2014. During these two days the Circuit Park Zandvoort is all about historic car racing; you in your pre-war car will be able to relive these illustrious times.

From different European countries the most beautiful pre-war cars will come to Zandvoort where participants can race or demo ride their cars around the track several times a day. Besides driving on the track there is plenty of time for socializing with old and new carfriends. You do not need a racing licence to take part in this great event.

The DVSCC would like to invite you to participate in the Vintage Revival Zandvoort, a unique event in a charming place. In addition to the Vintage Revival Zandvoort during the same weekend the British Racing Festival will be happening as well.

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The registration fee is € 175,-.

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